Our motto is to provide quality and transparent education in our locality



Indian Heights International School

INDIAN HEIGHTS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, MARI NAU ABAD, PATTI, set up in the year 2000. it has all the facilities to raise the students according to international standards.

The school has the distinction of its own, being the only school built up according to VastuShastra, to train the minds of the students in the best possible atmosphere.

The winds coming from the right direction enter the rooms and build the right type of atmosphere in which right attitudes and characters are built.

Being an ISO 9001: 2000 Certified institution, it is maintaining international standards and is committed to raise the level of education according to the desires and requirements of the society.

The School offers: Sprawling Lawns, Basket Ball Court, Badminton Courts, Cricket Net, Skating Area for the physical growth of the students along with Colourful Concept Based Classrooms, Activity Rooms, Jungle Concept Play Arcade for Juniors, Multimedia Rooms, 24 hours Internet, TV, VCR, DVD, Art and Craft Room, Music Room, Dance Room, Well Equipped Laboratories, Library enriched with an enormous number of quality books. The school has arrangements of Supervised Studies to help parents and facilitate the teaching process.


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