1. All children should come to school clean and tidy, and in their school uniform.

2. Students must keep their bicycles locked when parked.

3. Students are required to report to school 10 minutes before the first bell rings for morning assembly.

4. All children should be particularly careful not to throw paper and rubbish anywhere on the school premises. They should use the bins especially provided for that purpose. Polythene bags are strongly discouraged.

5. No child is allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without the written permission of the Principal or the Section Co-ordinator. The Gate Pass issued by the Secretary must be deposited with the School Guard before leaving.

6. Proper transport arrangements must be made by the Parents/Guardian to drop and collect their wards on time.

7. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to visit the teachers in the class room. Prior appointment should be made through the Link Book or permission sought from the office.

8. Politeness and good conduct on the part of students is important. Counselling is being done at regular intervals during assemblies.

9. Abusive language, shouting and screaming is not allowed on the school premises.