Students Activities

There are so many other program that’s make children play and learn. Here children’s minds are sharpened, energy channelized and developed through a variety of purposeful activities like role play, dramas, drawing, painting, rhymes, singing, block building, fun games, fancy dress etc.

International, national and local days are celebrated to spread awareness amongst the children and educate them about the world they live in.

Besides this, the students celebrate unique functions like Republic Day, Children’s Day and festivals like Diwali, Gurparv, JanamAshtami, Baisakhi, Christmas, Dussehra, Teacher’s Day, Holi, Basant, Rakhi, thus embedding secularism in children, which is the foremost motive of the school. The school appreciates India’s diverse culture with enthusiastic celebrations all the year around.

The student activities programmeis an integral part of the total school educational programme.

It is a progressive experience that will prepare students for their future.

School is more meaningful and enjoyable when a student becomes involved in the activities programme.